Wherever you go,

we follow !

With Driven, be free to concentrate on serving your clients!

What we offer


Our fees are a fixed 15%.


We offer an innovative referral program and reward your hard work.

Preferred driver

Our app has a preferred driver function so that you get more chances to drive for your favourite clients.

You are your best ambassador

Driven is here to help you succeed. Your success is our succes. This is why we created a rewarding referral program.

Vehicle Categories

Mid-range vehicle

Category type:
Mercedes Class C, IONIQ, Prius, Audi A4, BMW Série 3


Premium vehicle

Category type:
Mercedes Class E, Audi A6, Tesla Model S, BMW Série 5



Category type:
Mercedes Class V or equivalent 6 pax


Luxury limousine

Category type:
Mercedes Class S,  Audi A8, BMW Série 7, Tesla Model X